Fecha Limite


Create a countdown for any event


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Do you have a hard time remembering dates? Are you eagerly awaiting an event and want to know how many days are left? You could find a calendar and count the days, or you could enter the date into this application and receive the answer automatically.

Fecha Límite is a small program that will create a countdown leading up to the date that we enter. While its function may be simple, the program also allows us to fully customize the notificiation itself.

From the menu we can configure visual aspects like the font or window transparency, which we can keep visible, minimize, or set up to launch automatically with Windows.

We can also edit the icon and the message that wil appear when the date arrives, but that's not all. When the countdown hits zero, the program can play a sound or even launch an application for us.

The customization options even encompass the application itself; we can edit the language and text, whether because our own language is not included, or because we just want to make the interface sound a little more personable.

Though it may have just a single purpose, Fecha Límite nevertheless allows us to customize up to the smallest detail.
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